• [2011-05-09]

    日本科学技术厅科学家交流项目: Japan STA Scientist Exchange Program;


    海峡两岸自然科学基金: Cross-Straits Science Foundation;


    “九五”国家医学科技攻关基金: National Medical Science and Technology Foundation during

    the “9th Five-Year Plan”;


    核工业科学基金: Science Foundation of Chinese Nuclear Industry;


    北京科委应用基础基金资助项目:The Applied Basic Research Program of Science and

    Technology Commission Foundation of Beijing


    北京市自然科学基金: Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation;


    北京市属市管高等学校人才强教计划: Funding Program for Academic Human Resources

    Development in Institutions of Higher Learning Under the Jurisdiction of Beijing Municipality of



    北京正负电子对撞机国家实验室: BEPC National Laboratory;


    东南大学基金: Foundation of Southeast of University;


    福建省科学基金: Science Foundation of the Fujian Province, China;


    河南省教育厅基金: Foundation of He’nan Educational Committee;


    河南省杰出青年基金(9911): Excellent Youth Foundation of He’nan Scientific Committee;


    黑龙江省自然科学基金: Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province of China;


    湖北省高等学校科研基金: Scientific Research Foundation of the Higher Education Institutions

    of Hubei Province, China;


    湖南省教育厅重点项目和青年项目: Research Foundation of Education Bureau of Hunan

    Province, China;


    湖南省教育委员会青年骨干教师和国内访问学者基金: Young Core Instructor and Domestic

    Visitor Foundation from the Education Commission of Hunan Province, China;


    湖南省中青年科技基金: Science-Technology Foundation for Middle-aged and Young Scientist

    of Hunan Province, China;


    华北电力大学青年科研基金: Youth Foundation of North-China Electric Power University;


    华中师范大学自然科学基金: Natural Science Foundation of Central China Normal University;


    吉林省基础研究计划基金: Jilin Provincial Research Foundation for Basic Research, China;


    江苏省高校自然科学研究基金: Natural Science Foundation of the Higher Education Institutions

    of Jiangsu Province, China;


    江苏省科委应用基础基金目: Applied Basic Research Programs of Science and Technology

    Commission Foundation of Jiangsu Province.


    兰州大学磁学与磁性材料教育部重点实验室: Key Laboratory for Magnetism and Magnetic

    Material of the Education Ministry of China, Lanzhou University


    兰州重离子加速器国家实验室原子核理论中心: Center of Theoretical Nuclear Physics,

    National Laboratory of Heavy Ion Accelerator of Lanzhou;


    四川省教育厅科研基金: Scientific Research Foundation of the Education Department of Sichuan

    Province, China;


    山西省归国学者基金: Shanxi Provincial Foundation for Returned Scholars (Main Program),



    山西省青年科技研究基金: Natural Science Foundation for Young Scientists of Shanxi Province,



    山西省青年学术带头人基金: Shanxi Provincial Foundation for Leaders of Disciplines in Science, China;


    山西省青年科学基金: Science Foundation for Youths of Shanxi Province;


    山西省青年学者基金: Foundation for Young Scholars of Shanxi Province, China;


    陕西省科技攻关计划: Key Science and Technology Program of Shaanxi Province, China;


    上海市科技启明星计划: Shanghai Science and Technology Committee Rising-Star Program;


    上海市“曙光”计划: “Dawn” Program of Shanghai Education Commission, China;


    上海市博士后基金: Shanghai Postdoctoral Sustentation Fund;


    上海市科委科技基金: Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, China;


    上海市科学技术发展基金: Shanghai Foundation for Development of Science and Technology;


    西南交通大学基础学科研究基金资助: Foundation Sciences Southwest Jiaotong University;


    浙江省青年人才基金: Special Foundation for Young Scientists of Zhejiang Province, China;


    重质油国家重点实验室资助项目:The Program of State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil




Highlight of USTC

According to the latest Nature Publishing Index (NPI) Asia-Pacific and The Nature Publishing Index China, University of Science and Technology of China tops in Chinese universities again. The rankings are based on the number of papers that were published in Nature journals during the last 12 months.


This article came from News Center of USTC.