Exploring Novel Dirac Electrons in Graphitic Materials Using Near-field Optical Nanoscopy

  • [2018-08-08]

    Speaker:     Prof. SHI Zhiwen

                       School of Physics and Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Time:          2018-08-09 15:00

    Place:          ROOM 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Detail:         Abstract:

                     Dirac electrons lead to unusual electronic and optical properties in graphitic materials (graphene, carbon nanotubes). Near-field optical nanoscopy is a powerful tool to study material properties at the nanometer scale. In this talk, I will first introduce the scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) technique. Then I will discuss layer-stacking domain walls in bilayer graphene and its novel valley transport behavior. I will also talk about near-field optical imaging of Luttinger-liquid plasmons in single-walled carbon nanotubes.

    Organizer:   Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale



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