8th International Conference on Quantum Cryptography

  • [2018-09-02]

    International Conference on Quantum Cryptography (QCrypt 2018) will take place at Shanghai International Conference Center, Shanghai, China, 27–31 August 2018. It will be organized by University of Science and Technology of China. For more information about Qcrypt, please click here.

    QCrypt is a conference for students and researchers working on all aspects of quantum cryptography. The main goals of the conference are to represent the previous year’s best results and to support the building of a research community in quantum cryptography.

    Quantum cryptography aims to achieve security from fundamental physical principles, such as the quantum mechanical phenomena of entanglement and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. In the last few years, significant progress has been made in the theoretical understanding of quantum cryptography, and its technological feasibility has been demonstrated experimentally. Quantum cryptography is therefore regarded as one of the most promising candidates for a future quantum technology.



Highlight of USTC

According to the latest Nature Publishing Index (NPI) Asia-Pacific and The Nature Publishing Index China, University of Science and Technology of China tops in Chinese universities again. The rankings are based on the number of papers that were published in Nature journals during the last 12 months.


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