USTC Holds "Music Lights up Life" Special Concert

  • [2019-04-01]

    On the evening of March 22th, the amateur symphony orchestra of "the Stars of Heaven" gave the “Music Lights up Life " symphony concert in the eastern auditorium of University of Science and Technology (USTC). More than 1000 teachers and students of our school watched the performance and were immersed in the wonderful world of symphony. The performance strengthened the cultural quality education of college students in USTC, cultivated students’ artistic taste and enriched the campus cultural atmosphere.

    "Music Light up Life" special concert was held in the eastern auditorium of USTC (Image by: Office of Academic Affairs)

    The concert opened with an impassioned ode to the red flag. Next, a melodious and exciting violin duet "My Motherland" and the female solo "Today is Your Birthday" expressed deep love for the motherland. Moreover, "the Blue Danube" brought a strong western style to the auditors. The folk song "stream running water" was melodious and graceful, "Watch the Moon" was cheerful and smooth, and "the Moon Represents my Heart" was affectionate and tender. In addition, the three pieces of music composed in different periods depicting the moon, "Three Chapters of The Moon" , brought the audience fresh audio-visual experience.

    The finale of the concert was piano concerto "Rhapsody of Jianzhen's Eastward Journey". The music depicted the scene of Jianzhen's eastward journey with sometimes slow but sometimes turbulent melodies. The concerto made the auditors hear the morning bell and evening drum, meanwhile witness the turbulent waves. This pushed the audiences’ mood to a climax and won prolonged applause. Finally, the performance ended with the loud and clear melody .

    Artists preformed wonder pieces (Image by: office of academic affairs)

    Member of the orchestra shared their own story with music (Image by: office of academic affairs)

    During the gaps of playing, member of the orchestra, former vice President of Shanghai University, YE Zhiming introduced the members to the audience. The team is consisted of teachers, doctors, experts and scholars, etc. Some of them have retired from their work, and chose to pick up the instruments and release their own light and heat in a new way. The artists shared with the audience their life perception brought by music and touching stories of "music brightening life". YE Xiaowen, head of the amateur symphony orchestra, told the story of his relationship with music in a humorous tongue. Although he began to learn cello at the age of 61, the love of music never grows old. He encouraged us to nourish our soul with music and imbue our soul with aesthetic education. Teachers and students were moved by the band's persistent pursuit of music art, and paid tribute to the artists of the band with warm applause.

    The special concert won the audience’s attention (Image by: office of academic affairs)

    The special concert was a great success paid by the audience’s warm and constant applause. The artists' wonderful performance and touching music story aroused strong resonance among teachers and students. As one of the series of cultural quality education activities for USTC students, this performance was jointly held by the Office of Academic Affairs, the Party andGovernment Office, the School Youth League Committee, the Office of Security and Campus Management, and the School Labor Union. The concert played a positive role in improving the comprehensive quality of college students and created a strong artistic atmosphere on campus.

    (Written by LIN Yujie, edited by LIN Yujie, USTC News Center)



Highlight of USTC

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