The first mobile ICU based on 5G network has been successfully built in China

  • [2019-05-07]

    Through the 5G network, the mobile ICU in the First Affiliated Hospital of USTC realized information exchange and audio-video interconnection with the venue of China Telecom 5G Innovation Cooperation Conference far away in Shenzhen. Data such as HD video, medical equipment information, and electronic medical record information in the mobile ICU are transmitted to the Shenzhen conference venue in a clear and smooth manner in real-time.This is also the first 5G Joint Laboratory of Intelligent Hospital established by the First Affiliated Hospital of USTC in cooperation with China Telecom Anhui Company.

    Image from the First Affiliated Hospital of USTC

    The mobile ICU is equipped with 360 degree 4K panoramic lens and a 5G network-modified vehicle. Based on the high-speed, low-latency propagation efficiency of the 5G network, it can realize real-time synchronous audio and video transmission of medical data, such as in-vehicle medical treatment, patient vital signs, medical record information, medical equipment information, vehicle orientation, road conditions and so on. The director of the Information Center of the hospital said that in the case of major emergency medical rescue and critically ill patients, the application of 5G in mobile ICU can truly realize seamless docking between the front medical team and the rear hospital base camp. This technique provides comprehensive support for the diagnosis and treatment of rescuers, which greatly improves the first-aid mobility and ability and gains for much valuable time to save lives.  

    The hospital will continue to cooperate with China Telecom and other relevant units to develop and complete the information exchanging and data docking between mobile ICU and hospital emergency command center through 5G network. This means that in the near future, with the full coverage of 5G network, 5G-based mobile ICU will become a reality for the treatment and transshipment of critically ill patients. Anhui medical tele-emergency capacity is expected to be greatly improved. 

    Since the first introduction of the mobile ICU in China in 2016, it has successfully completed more than 80 inter-hospitals transshipments of critically ill patients, with a journey of more than 30,000 kilometers. It has opened a green life channel for critically ill patients in Anhui Province and even surrounding provinces and cities.


    (Written by LIU Ziyu, edited by SHI Xiao, USTC News Center)



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