The First Affiliated Hospital of USTC Held 2019 Nurses Day Commending Conference

  • [2019-05-15]

    When the 108th International Nurses Day is approaching, the First Affiliated Hospital of USTC held a grand celebration and commending conference on the afternoon of May 10th. More than 500 nurses attended the meeting.

    Image provided by The First Affiliated Hospital of USTC

    HU Yu, Deputy Director of Medical Administration Office, Anhui Health Commission gave a speech at the meeting, she pointed out that nursing service is an important part of the construction of Healthy China. It is closely related to the health rights and life safety of Chinese people. It has positive significance in promoting the development of health service industry and improving people's livelihood. Improving nursing service and quality are important measures for deepening medical reform and benefiting the people.

    On behalf of all the nurses in the hospital, YE Tingting reviewed her growth and progress, expressed her love and perseverance for nursing work, and showed the charm of the younger generation of nurses. DONG Xiaoyan and WAN Yuanyuan from ICU represented as excellent participants in the Reading Report Conference. They introduced their nursing work by using simple language and moving stories. YAO Xiuying and WANG Jun presented excellent cases of the Improving Medical Service” competition, which showed professional skills and team spirit of nursing workers.

    The leaders of the hospital read out the list of commendations for the Nurses' Day, and awarded honorary certificates to the excellent nurses.

    LIU Lianxin, deputy president of the hospital, made a concluding speech. First of all, he wished all the nurses a happy holiday and congratulated the prize-winners. Then, he fully affirmed that the nursing staff has achieved good results. At the same time, he earnestly hoped that nurses in the whole hospital will enhance their sense of crisis and constantly improve the technical level to meet the needs of medical reform and hospital development under the new situation.

    Image provided by The First Affiliated Hospital of USTC

    2019 is a year full of challenges, and also a year of rapid development and great achievements for the hospital. It is hoped that nurses in the hospital will adhere to Nightingale's spirit, become a warm and professional team, and serve patients wholeheartedly.

    (Written by YANG Xinqi, edited by SHI Xiao, USTC News Center)



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