Breakthrough in Medical Electrical Impedance Tomography

  • [2019-07-09]

    Academician DU Jiangfeng with his team from CAS Key Laboratory of Micro-scale Magnetic Resonance has made a series of progress in the field of nondestructive medical Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT). The research was published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging On May 23rd.

    Nondestructive medical EIT is an imaging modality that aims to recover the spatially distributed conductivity inside the interested object from the surface electrical measurements. Considering the merits of safety (non-radiation), convenience in use, and inexpensiveness, nondestructive medical EIT, as an emerging imaging technology, has become the global research battlefield, applicable in the monitoring of lung function, detection of breast cancer, as well as imaging of brain activity. But the low contrast reconstructed image and less robustness once remained as two main headaches for a long period until academician DU Jiangfeng led his research team made a breakthrough against the shortcomings of EIT. Making full use of the cutting-edge methods within shape-topological optimization and the prior information in clinical medicine, DU’s team has developed EIT reconstructing methods out of various imaging formations (including static, dynamic and unstable state), which embrace the advantages of high resolution imageperfect anti-noise performance and stable property.

    (EIT in lungs)

    Ture: distribution of true conductivity; MMC: imaging results of self-developed algorithm; SMP and TVP: imaging results of traditional algorithms.

    The developed nondestructive medical EIT is expected to be applied in many industries, as well as in EIT imaging technical development in clinical medicine, such as lung ventilation monitoring technology.

    A series of research results of DU Jiangfeng’s team on nondestructive medical EIT has been published on IEEE Transactions series in the past year. This research is sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Anhui Province.

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    (Written by WANG Jinhua, edited by LU Hongyu, USTC news center)



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