USTC Male and Female Student Football Teams Won the College Football League in the Province!

  • [2019-11-02]

    From Oct 20th to 29th, the 2019 Anhui College Football League hosted by Anhui Department of Education was held in Anhui Normal University. 26 teams of male and female student football teams from 18 different universities all over the province participated in this competition. 

    Under the leadership of the teacher from the Department of Physical Education, the USTC male and female student football teams both won the championship with all-win rounds, creating a new record for the USTC students' football team to participate in the Anhui College Football League. Among them, the male team regained the champion after three years, and obtained the qualification to represent Anhui Province in the National College Football League, while the female team had won three consecutive champions since the first winning in 2017!

    The male team made it to the top eight with the first place in the group. All the way through, in the final round, USTC male team won the championship by 1-0.

    There were 8 teams participating in this year's Football League. Although there were fewer teams than the previous two years, each team had enormous potentiality. USTC female team won the final round by penalty: 4-1, and got the championship. This is also the third time that USTC female team won the championship in this competition.

    During the competition, all the coaches and players from USTC student football teams had fully developed the spirit of daring to work hard and forge ahead, and won the respect of the opponents while achieving good results. In the next stage, male team will actively prepare for the competition in the southeast region of National College Football League, strive to achieve good results and win honor for USTC, and female team will also make more efforts and strive for further brilliance.

    (Written by YANG Xinqi, edited by YE Zhenzen, USTC News Center. Image provided by Dean's Office, Department of Physical Education)



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This article came from News Center of USTC.