Gorgeous Encounter, Lost Heart by First Sight

  • [2019-11-18]

    On Nov 10th, 2019, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) held a grand blind date activity for all the graduated students in Hefei. Thousands of graduate students have taken part in this red-carpet blind date activity.

    President BAO Xinhe came to the site before the activity began. He expressed his appreciation for the preparatory work and wished the activity a complete success. He hoped that student organizations could continually play a vital role in the connection between the university and students in academic performance, physical and psychological health, social integration, as well as rights and interests maintenance.

    Divided into three rounds, this blind date activity was combined with five separate areas including 8 minutes of self-introduction area, 10 minutes of appreciation area, cooperative games area, music zone and outdoors ballroom. Graduated students in different majors, ages as well as different characteristics were matched to talk and share their life, family backgrounds and future plans which was a good beginning for them to leave a good impression to each other. Also, 10 minutes’ appreciation area provided all student a romantic environment with soft light and soothing music to communicate with each other in depth. Cooperative game area strengthened the students’ friendship through their cooperative work in each game, and music zone pushed the students’ emotions to the climax when they sang the songs with deep emotions in graceful rhythms and lyrics, and embraced them in soft light. Student wrote their whispers on the self-revealing wall, took pictures together and marked the perfect closure to this event.

    The grand blind date among all nine universities in Hefei , namely “Gorgeous Encounter, Lost Heart by First Sight” ,was initiated by USTC graduate students union since 2003 to provide a broad social platform offline for a closer connection and communication among graduate students, and give them a hand to find their own soul mates.

    This activity was sponsored by the league committee of USTC, and co-organized by graduate students unions of USTC, the School of Management , and the School of Computer Science and Technology, as well as other graduate unions from all nine universities in Hefei.

    (Written by WANG Jinhua, edited by LU Hongyu, USTC News Center)



Highlight of USTC

On May 11, the Nature Publishing Group released Nature Publishing Index 2010 China, remarking “a dramatic rise in the quality of research being published by China”. University of Science and Technology of China is ranked 3rd of TOP 10 Institutions in Index 2010 China.


This article came from News Center of USTC.