Vigorous Youth——the Opening Ceremony of USTC Literary Festival

  • [2019-12-04]

    On the evening of Nov. 23th2019 Vigorous Youth——the Opening Ceremony of USTC Literary Festival and the 18th Animation Night was held at the East Hall. USTC Youth League Committee, Management Committee of Students Society, student representatives and more than 2000 anime fans participated in the activity.

    To enliven the youth, to enjoy the literature”,on the opening ceremony, the host introduced the relevant activities of the 2019Literature Festival, carefully interpreted the development and innovative forms of this year's activity, and announced the official opening of the 2019 Literature Festival under the witness of the audience.

    Make friends by literature and animation”— the 18th animation night was the opening activity of this year's Literary Festival, and the instrumental ensemble by students' Symphony Orchestra and Guitar Society was performed as the prelude. The 17 performances were composed of walking show, stage play, wota, dance and other forms. The gala had brought together more than ten excellent programs from universities and social groups in Hefei. The students from Animation Society made and directed their own stage play as the finale, which won great applause.

    Vigorous Youth——the USTC Literary Festival was hosted by USTC Youth League Committee and Management Committee of Students Society, which aims to build a unified publicity platform, select excellent society activities, gather the cultural connotation of USTC, and display the image of student society. Since the festival was held, it has received excellent comments both inside and outside USTC. In 2019, there would be more forms during the festival, covering 18 activities such as performances, literature competition, language lectures, and artistic creation. In the next month, the activities would continue to be carried out, with the hope that more teachers and students would actively participate in and jointly appreciate the student society.

    (Written by YANG Xinqi, edited by LU Hongyu, USTC News Center, image provided by USTC Youth League Committee, Management Committee of Students Society, and Students Animation Society.)



Highlight of USTC

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