Whisper and Dance from Beneath the Opera House

  • [2019-12-03]

    On the evening of December 2nd, the Cuban Spanish Dance Troupe was invited to our university to perform the dance drama Phantom of the Opera. The atmosphere was warm and the auditorium was filled to overflowing. More than 1000 teachers and students jointly enjoyed the audiovisual feast.

    Eager audience

    Founded in 1987 by Alicia Alonso, a Cuban national artist and classical ballet master, the Cuban Spanish Dance Troupe was the first Spanish-style dance troupe in Latin America and Europe, known as the Rose of Latin America. Phantom of the Opera was the most popular repertoire of the troupe, which integrated traditional dance into contemporary Spanish dance and had become one of the classical repertoires of the troupe through continuous attempts and innovations.

    The adaptation version of the dance drama Phantom of the Opera was directed by Alicia Alonso, and the it consists of two acts and six scenes, which retains the essence of the melody of the musical, and uses Spanish dance to express the sincere and slightly sad romance in the story and the emotional blend of love and fantasy.

    Interaction of the hero and the heroine

    On the stage, the male dancer wearing a mask was mysterious and charming. Fast-paced tap dance steps, floating of the cloak, eye-catching, straight posture and noble temperament, all of which made the dancer win the applause of the audience. The heroine Christine danced with grace and strength, attracting the attention of the audience as if she was the most beautiful carnation.

    The leading dancers on the stage

    Not only that, the minimal while still decorative and dramatic stage layout further highlighted the unique expression of Spanish dance. The use of costumes, lighting and space maximized the atmosphere of the show. Young dancers pushed the plot to climaxes one after another with their enthusiasm and vitality, perfectly integrating the classical melody of the musical and the rhythm of Spanish dance, giving the Phantom of the Opera a different soul.

    An impromptu performance after the curtain call

    After the performance, the dancers were moved by the enthusiasm of the audience and presented two impromptu dances, and was returned with a warm atmosphere and thunderous applause.

    This performance was organized by the Academic Affairs Office as one of the series of activities of cultural quality education for college students, aiming at improving the art appreciation level of on-campus students and promoting the combination of science and technology with art.

    (Written by ZHANG Xin, edited by JIANG Pengcen, USTC News Center)



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