USTC Badminton Team Wins the 2019 Anhui Students Badminton Competition

  • [2019-12-17]

    From Dec. 8th to 15th, the Badminton Competition of 2019 Anhui Student Sports League was held in Qingyuan stadium of Anhui University. USTC badminton team won the championship of men’s team and men's doubles, and the third prize of women's singles in Group A with the PE Morality Award. This is the fourth time that USTC badminton team has defended the champion of the men's team since it participated in the competition sponsored by the Education Department of Anhui Province.

    Under the guidance of the team leader ZENG Wen, coaches LI Zhongguang and YANG Xudong, the team members trained tenaciously and achieved a high level of competition, which accumulated valuable experience for participating in the national competition in the future, and also improved their tactical awareness and psychological level.

    In order to prepare for the competition, coaches LI Zhongguang and YANG Xudong led the team members to practice three times a week, training from the afternoon to 10 p.m. During the preparation period, the team members got the professional and comprehensive guidance with the rich material and spiritual support provided from Department of Physical Education.

    (Written by YANG Xinqi, edited by LI Xiaoxi, USTC News Center. Image provided by USTC Dean's Office, Department of Physical Education)



Highlight of USTC

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This article came from News Center of USTC.