USTC School Clinic Held First Aids & Health Lecture

  • [2020-09-21]

    The second Saturday in September has been set to be the World First Aid Day since 2000, calling for more events and activities concerning first aid training to be held worldwide. 

    First aids seem to be far away from our daily life as professional personnel have taken most part of it, but in emergent situations first aid techniques are tools to possibly save someone’s life. That’s the reason why the Red Cross Society of China and the Ministry of Education of the PRC have recently covered health education and first aids skills in student cultivating.

    The school clinic of USTC have always been keen on students’ health education and held an activity for new students themed on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDs) at September 12, 2020. 

    Doctor XU Liu talked about pre-hospital single CPR technique in the first part of the event. He introduced the basic processes of CPR with vivid words and detailed instances. In the meantime, he highlighted the key points with reasonings and exemplifications. Doctor XU especially underlined the importance of timely applied CPR procedure in saving one’s life. After the well-rounded explanation, he grouped students and organized them to go through CPR procedures for better comprehension and deeper impression.

    Students watching and experiencing CPR and AED(Image by school clinic)

    the QR code of the teaching video

    In the second part of the activity, YAO Hui, who works at Hefei Center for Disease Control and Prevention, made a lecture on AIDs for the freshmen. He talked about what AIDs is, discussed methods to avoid infection and warned everyone with explicit infection numbers. At last he came to the conclusion that knowing about AIDs is the best weapon we have against it, appealing students to learn more about AIDs.

    Lectures on AIDs (Image by school clinic)

    This event may help students arise awareness on personal health and infection prevention at the beginning of their university life. "All of these consciousnesses are more than valuable in crisis situations and may save lives", a student added. 

    (Written by LIU Zige, edited by JIANG Pengcen, USTC News Center)



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