“WU Weiren Star” Named After Alumni Academician WU Weiren

  • [2020-09-23]

    On September 8, the naming ceremony of the “WU Weiren Star”—(281880) Wuweiren was held at the National Space Administration, attended by the delegations in charge and experts from relevant units such as the National Space Administration and the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, and presented the naming certificate to Academician WU Weiren. USTC president BAO Xinhe was invited to attend and deliver a speech, accompanied by assistant president WU Feng and executive director WANG Yuming of the School of Earth and Space Sciences.

    President BAO pointed out in his speech that the naming of (281880) Wuweiren is a high recognition of Academician WU’s contribution to the field of the moon and deep space.

    On behalf of all the teachers and students of USTC, he extended warm congratulations to Academician WU on his winning the award, and wished the Chinese lunar exploration team led by Academician WU to continue to carry forward the “aerospace spirit” of the new era, continuously promote the lunar exploration project, and make continuous progress for building a world aerospace power and a science and technology power. Then president BAO presented a gift to Academician WU.

    The naming of asteroids is an international and permanent honor. After being approved, it will be recognized by all countries in the world and will be forever recorded in the annals of astronomy.

    The named (281880) Wuweiren was discovered by the near earth object telescope of Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS, and was awarded International permanent number 281880 in June 2011. In April 2020, recommended by the selection committee of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation and Purple Mountain Observatory, the official name of “Wuweiren” was unanimously approved after deliberation by the International Asteroid Naming Committee under the International Astronomical Union.

    Academician WU Weiren, 756 alumni of USTC, chief designer of China Lunar Exploration Project, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and academician of International Academy of Astronautics, has been engaged in aerospace telemetry, TT & C communication and deep space exploration engineering research for a long time. He is a major pioneer and strategic scientist in the field of deep space exploration in China. In January 2019, chang'e-4 designed by Academician WU, achieved the first soft landing on the back of the moon, setting a new milestone in China's aerospace industry. It has won a series of important awards, such as Science and Technology Achievement Award of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation and World Space Award of International Astronautically Federation.

    (Written by YAHG Xinqi, edited by JIANG Pengcen, USTC News Center. Image provided by USTC Party and Government Office.)



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