Convexity of invariant manifolds in competitive population models

  • [2017-03-21]


    Stephen Baigent 

    University College London (UCL)

    Time: 2017-03-31 16:00-17:00
    Place: Room 1518, School of Mathematical Sciences 


    Many competitive population models have attracting invariant manifolds of codimension-one. These manifolds are Lipschitz and they are unordered in the sense that no two points on the manifold can be ordered component-wise. In some cases it is also possible to show that the manifolds are convex or concave. I will give a graph-transform proof of the existence of an attracting invariant manifold in 2-species continuous-time and discrete-time competitive population models. Moreover, I will show that some of these invariant manifolds are convex or concave. Finally, I will discuss how the convexity/concavity of the manifold can inform the asymptotic stability of equilibrium points, and how all these ideas translate into 3-species models.

    Organizer: School of Mathematical Sciences



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