Spline Spaces on Topological Manifold

  • [2017-04-13]

    Speaker:Bernard MOURRAIN

    Time:2017-04-13 15:30-16:30

    Place:Room 1518, School of Mathematical Sciences



    In CAGD, a standard representation of shapes is by parameterized surfaces or volumes based on tensor product B-spline functions, which with a given regularity and degree.  Recently, the problem of are the basis of the space of piecewise polynomial functions on a grid representing functions on shapes has also been considered in the geometry and the physical solution of a simulation problem on this isogeometric analysis, using the same basis functions to describe both geometry.


    In this talk, we will consider spline functions over topological these spline spaces, in particular to analyse their dimension and to manifolds with arbitrary topology.  We describe algebraic-geometric techniques which can be used advantageously to get a better insight on construct basis.  Examples including splines over triangular meshes or T-meshes, in dimension 2 and 3 will be detailed.

    Organizer: School of Mathematical Sciences



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