The 2015 State Nature Science First Class Award honors USTC team's work

  • [2016-01-08]
    On Jan 8, 2016, the State Science and Technology Prizes Ceremony announced its laureates of 2015. Four awards goes to USTC, of which the most prodigious State Nature Science (SNS) First Class Award honors the works of PAN JianWei's team. The whole list also includes a National Science and Technology Progress (NSTP) Second Class Award and two SNS Second Class Awards. 

    Prof PAN's team, includes PENG Chengzhi, CHEN Yuao, LU Chaoyang, CHEN Zengbing and etc, mainly focuses on cutting-edge quantum information and high-precision experiment tests of fundamental quantum theories. They developed a systematic way of manipulating multiple-photon systems and derived many important results. The SNS First Class Award was specifically awarded to one recent work published on Nature in Jan 2015, namely the Quantum teleportation of multiple degrees of freedom of a single photon. This work breaks the limit of quantum teleportation of single degree of freedom, which was established in the year of 1997, showcasing one of the most profound and puzzling predictions of quantum mechanics. The demonstration also provides a powerful building block for future quantum networks, which generally require teleportation units for the transmission of quantum data. 

    The team of Prof WU Feng and Prof LI Houqiang was awarded SNS Second Class Award for their pioneering work on theory and method of Non-uniform image calculations. Another SNS Second Class Award went to Prof WANG Jun, Prof YAO Xuebiao and collaborators at SYSU, citing their works on regulatory mechanisms of cancer metastasis and applications of targeted therapy. MA HongHao was awarded NSTP Second Class Award for his collaborative program with PRAUST. 

    Since Regulations on State Science and Technology Prizes came to effect on 2000, the SNS First Class Award was only awarded 8 times, of which two went to research teams at USTC.



Highlight of USTC

According to the latest Nature Publishing Index (NPI) Asia-Pacific and The Nature Publishing Index China, University of Science and Technology of China tops in Chinese universities again. The rankings are based on the number of papers that were published in Nature journals during the last 12 months.


This article came from News Center of USTC.