Graduation Ceremony Held in USTC: Journeys Just Begin When You Are Young

  • [2016-06-28]
    Summer in USTC has the most beautiful views of a year, not only because of the green trees and shining sun, but also for the smiling faces of the graduates. With all the expectation from the graduates, the graduation ceremony of the undergraduates was held in the auditorium of USTC on June 17, 2016. Over 1700 undergraduates attended the ceremony with some of their family as witnesses of their precious moments.


    The choir on campus sang two songs to express the love to school and the sorrow of the separation. Graduates passed the school flag from the back of the auditorium to the front with applause and cheers.

    JIANG Yi, the deputy Party secretary of USTC, announced to award the graduates bachelor's degree. Meanwhile, 70 students won the Honor Level title and over a thousand students won the Outstanding Graduate title and scholarship.

    WAN Lijun, USTC principle made a speech to all the graduates. He feels quite proud of the young generation who got great achievement in the four-year study. He insists that young graduates should be responsible for the new China not only with the frontier science but also with hard work, sense of justice and sprit of challenge. China is facing a new reformational circumstances, young generation need to combine advanced science and practices to make contribution to the motherland. The life journey just begins when you are young. USTC will be your spiritual pillar wherever you go.

    XU Siqing, respective of USTC alumni, the founder of Alpha Startups, shared his experience and inspiration and express appreciation to USTC. 35 years ago he went to USTC to study, but the sense of honor to be a USTCer has influnenced him throughout his lifetime. SUN Jiayu, one of the graduates, made a speech reviewing his four year study and life to express his gratitude to USTC. He will always remember that once being a USTCer, he will be a USTCer in the whole life.

    During the ceremony, all the graduates made a pledge with the principle, to stick to the belief, love science and advocate the truth. At the end of the ceremony, all the graduates sang the school song and USTC leaders and teachers set the tassels straight for them.

    USTC leaders including Principle WAN Lijun, presidents of all the schools and tutors also attended the graduation ceremony.

    (LI Haomiao, USTC News Center)



Highlight of USTC

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This article came from News Center of USTC.