Postgraduate Commencement held: Let Innovation Be Your Guide

  • [2017-06-21]

    Youth leave and sail away in mid-June summer haze, swaggering for the future and blazing the way; vigor as fuel and rigor as faith, may you strive and seize the day. Following the Commencement of undergraduates yesterday here comes that for postgraduates on June 21st. This is a great moment to see further maturity and a higher academic stage achieved. Let’s applause for the graduates’ commitment to their own promising life and the flourish of USTC.

    The ceremony, hosted by YANG Jinlong, the assistant to the President, began when the clock ticked nine, with the never absent performance of the school choir that sang memory on campus into a chorus as a starter. The school flag tide, as usual, never failed to bring the tide up inside attendees.


    PAN Jianwei, deputy President of USTC, declared that 768 students were granted Doctor’s degree while 1801 were granted Master’s degree. Among them, WANG Xieping along with other 27 fellows were further awarded with the honor for giving outstanding doctoral dissertations. 

    BAO Xinhe, the newly named President of USTC, sent his best wishes to the graduates. As he put it, the young should be noble and patriotic that touch and feel. He also hoped that the graduates would continue to inherit the innovative gene from the alma mater, explore fields that few have laid hands on and make contributions to the mankind. To throw light upon the significance of innovation, he referred to the pioneer in intellectual phonetic system iFLYTEK, dedication of Prof. XIE Yi in searching for new and clean fuel, etc. as examples. 

    Shortly, XUE Tian, dean of School of Life Sciences, on behalf of all tutors came forth. He hoped that the graduates could keep three things in mind in the days to come: be optimistic, be persistent and enjoy life and look afar. Prof. XUE’s passionate and humorous speech stroke applause from time to time as if he was a senior rather than a tutor. At last, he also wished:” Don’t forget to come back and see us!” After that, representative of graduates, WANG Xieping, spoke in memory of the school life and expressed his gratitude to USTC.

    With the ceremony drawn to the end, graduates stood in solemn and make a vow, to be grateful of parents, tutors and the university; to hold on to the belief of our university that one should love science and advocate the truth; to carry on the spirit that one should return the nation with good sense of science and education. They are bound to construct the country with passion and wisdom, to feed back the society with responsibility and action and to return the university with achievement. At last, the principle and tutors set the tassels straight for the graduates.


    Their journey right here has come to an end, the other is yet to begin. 

    (WEI Lianyi, USTC News Center)





Highlight of USTC

According to the latest Nature Publishing Index (NPI) Asia-Pacific and The Nature Publishing Index China, University of Science and Technology of China tops in Chinese universities again. The rankings are based on the number of papers that were published in Nature journals during the last 12 months.


This article came from News Center of USTC.