A Glimpse of BioNMR Symposium 2017

  • [2017-03-28]

    On March 27th and 28th, 2017 Bio Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Symposium held with the joint efforts of Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale and School of Life Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China.

    A warm welcome was given to two distinguished guests, Prof. Robert Kaptein and Rolf Boelens from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. CAS Academician Ms. SHI Yunyu hosted.

    Scholars and experts from Peking University, Nankai University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Wuhan Physics and Maths Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences Hefei High Magnetic Field Research Center, etc. were invited.

    The symposium covered a large collection of topics and participating experts gave reports on their latest findings. Specific fields including liquid magnetic resonance approach to research on structures and functions of biomacromolecules like protein and nucleic acid, solid magnetic resonance approach and paramagnetic resonance approach to research on structures and mechanisms of membrane protein, research on biomacromolecule dynamics and excited state at low abundance as well as detection of cells in situ with NMR, spectroscopy of single molecule magnetic resonance, unstable intermediate state of enzyme labeled by lanthanide elements, studies of interaction of protein and ligand with NMR, computational biological methods to integrate low-resolution experiment data in want of information of biomacromolecules in high resolution and their compound structures, etc., were targeted during the symposium.

    At the very beginning, Prof. Robert Kaptein and Rolf Boelens introduced their own reports “NMR studies of the Lac Repressor DNA recognition” and “Structure and dynamics in gene regulation and DNA”, respectively.

    Then followed presentations from domestic scholars and experts. 

    Themeeting was of great significance for almost 100 presenting faculty and students. With over 10 high-level reports and heated discussion, participants had access to the latest stage of BioNMR research and expanding the scope for themselves. Moreover, the symposium consolidates the interaction with each other, which promises further cooperation in the future.

    On the other hand, during their stay on campus, Prof. Robert Kaptein and Rolf Boelens paid a visit to the Joint Laboratory for Quantum Biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences led by the academician DU Jiangfeng. They also gave positive responses to reports from some postgraduates in School of Life Sciences, who have benefited a lot from the two professors’ specific and instructive advice.

    The distinguished guest Prof. Robert Kaptein is an academician of The Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences and fellow of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance(ISMAR); Prof. Rolf Boelens, dean of Utrecht Scale Magnetic Resonance Center in Europe and dean of the Department of Chemistry in Utrecht University.  

    SHI Yunyu, TIAN Changlin, LONG Dong, SHI Fazhan, ZHANG Zhiyong, GONG Qingguo, RUAN Ke and LU Yalin(commission to others) from USTC, JIN Changwen and WANG Shenlin from Peking University, TANG Chun and LI Conggang from Chinese Academy of Sciences Wuhan Physics and Maths Institute, Wang Junfeng from Chinese Academy of Sciences Hefei High Magnetic Field Research Center and SU Xuncheng from Nankai University, gave mastery reports as well.

    (WEI Lianyi, USTC News Center, School of Life Sciences)


This article came from News Center of USTC.