Foreign Minister Thumbs up for JiaJia from USTC

  • [2017-04-20]
    Launched at noon, April 11th in the Blue Hall of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was the activity entitled “Open China: Glamorous Anhui Welcomes Guests Worldwide.” that intended to draw global attention to Anhui Province. At 16:20 pm, Foreign Minister WANG Yi, along with envoys in China upon invitation, came to the exhibition area in the company of LI Jinbin, Provincial Secretary, and LI Guoying, Governor of Anhui.

    JiaJia’s impressive show won herself a big thumbs up from Minister

    “You look gorgeous.” said Minister WANG Yi to JiaJia, who was dressed in style of Sui and Tang Dynasties with Chinese red. “I am the first typically interactive robot in China, armed with three core techniques including identification of facial expressions, context comprehension and commonsense reasoning. These take a lead in the field of interaction between human and humanoid robots worldwide.” As JiaJia came clear about her background, Minister WANG Yi became her dedicated auditor. JiaJia, standing in front within the exhibition area, is the first typically interactive robot in China that calls University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) home.


    JiaJia also appealed to presenting guests. She talked with MA Huaiyu, Belgian Ambassador in China.

    “Do you know Belgium?” asked MA Huaiyu in English.

    “Belgium is a beautiful country.” replied JiaJia.

    MA Huaiyu and his colleagues were happy with her and let out smiles, right after which JiaJia supplemented: “You have a bright smile.”

    This somewhat astonished MA Huaiyu: “JiaJia can identify human facial expressions?”

    “Exactly.” answered the staff in company.

    Then MA Huiayu leaned towards her with interest: “How old do you think I am?”

    JiaJia thought for a while: “Around 44. You are a glamorous man.”

    “You are almost there. Looking forward to seeing you again.” said MA Huaiyu in joy.

    According to Prof. CHEN Xiaoping, head of Robotic Research Center, USTC, JiaJia is a robotic platform based on Chinese independent innovation and open to the world, whose functions are accessible to users all over the globe. A new version is to be issued in mid-May this year.

    Xiaoyi from iFLYTEK demonstrated real-time translation

    Xiaoyi, a translation machine equipped with cutting-edge machinery and oral translation techniques that realize real-time translation of dictation in Chinese-English, Chinese-Uighur, Chinese-Tibetan, etc., gave his brilliant performance as well. During the activity, Minister WANG Yi gave credit to real-time translation techniques of iFLYTEK as he put it: “Such a phonetic transfer system I just saw is extremely practical. I wish that it come into use in diplomatic system as soon as possible.” It is reported that such a system can achieve real-time multilingual translation as is mentioned as well as automatic error correction and archiving. What should be noted is that such techniques have already, for the first, enabled simultaneous text broadcast with live webcast of 2017 Government Reports.


    Apart from that, the intellectual auditory system for conferences produced by iFLYTEK also greeted Minister. “Anhui is a treasured land that we all love. Wish Anhui a bright future.” Minister WANG Yi sent his best regards to Anhui through intellectual phonetic techniques. Real-time subtitles in Chinese and English appeared on the screen the instance he uttered, which stroke large applause among attendees.


    Such intellectual auditory techniques are competitive and undoubtedly gain momentum. Charger of iFLYTEK thus described their product: “This translation machine is just about the size of an AC remote, which has just come into market. Its machinery translation techniques peaked in numerous international competitions, with a level of about CET-6 concerning basic necessities of life. It enables bidirectional translation in Chines-English, Chinese-Tibetan and Chines-Uighur.”


    WEI Lianyi, USTC News Center

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This article came from News Center of USTC.