USTCers Take Hectic and Fruitful Summer Vacation

  • [2017-09-05]
    Taking summer camps, attending contests, exchanging with foreign universities and investigating in field: USTC students had a busy but meaningful summer. Let’s have a close-up at summer activities of USTCers.


    Investigating in Field

    During July 26th to 30th, USTC Doctoral Student Practice and Service Group visited Fuyang, Anhui and investigated in poverty alleviation, with a keen heart to contribute to the community and make use of the knowledge learned in USTC. The group discussed local economy, poverty alleviation policies with local government during the seminar. Later, they investigated the status of communities in field to learn the achievements made by government in areas like finance, social welfare and etc., from which the investigators learned that the rapid development of industries fuels the economy growth as an engine. After investigation, the group will analyze and discuss further to provide strategies and approaches in targeted poverty alleviation for the Fuyang government. Since 2004, USTC graduates has been assembled to conduct flied investigations nationwide, which helps students to understand themselves and the disciplines they learn better.


    USTC Doctoral Student Practice and Service Group/Image by Committee of the Communist Youth League of USTC



    From 17 July to 18 Aug, three USTC students participated in the Ziguangge Internship Program, in which selected college students intern at Chinese central government departments. It was the first time that USTC students had took apart in this program. WANG Ruimin, ZHOU Mengwen and WANG Yao were successfully selected to this program. They worked as interns in Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, China Earthquake Administration and The State Council Leading Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, respectively.

    WANG Ruimin said: "It's a short internship but I have learnt a lot. For example, I learnt how central state organs work, civil servants' working methods, attitudes and working styles and various skills like skimming the draft. Equipped with what I have learnt from this internship, I will keep moving forward and stay true to my mission" ZHOU Mengwen was inspired by the meticulous process of a document and learned the spirit of serving, especially in the relief work for Jiuzhaigou Earthquake. WANG Yao gained lots of leaders' and colleagues' praise. And he said "Civil servants’ work epitomizes rigorousness and well-discipline. From punctuation to changes in content in the documents, you must be equally serious. "


    WANG Yao, WANG Ruimin,a and ZHOU Mengwen (From left to right)/Image by Committee of the Communist Youth League of USTC


    Contests and Awards

     “Harvest” can be a key word for USTCers during this passionate and competitive summer vacation, because of their impressive performance in various contests. In the traditional award-winning area – physics, students from USTC topped in both China Undergraduate Physics Tournament and National Physics Experiment Contest for University Students, which shows the sound fundamentals in physics of USTC students. There are also achievements made in innovation contests: project completed by Maker Team in USTC received special award in 10th National University Student Contest on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction; golden awards went to USTCers in National “Internet+” Innovation Contest. Helmets which can generate electricity by using human temperature, IP telephones which are based on quantum technology and aircrafts which can take off and land vertically are all amazing innovations done by USTC students. Besides awards on science and technology, students in USTC won prize in poster design and information search in Anhui Graduates Information Abilities Summer Camp, which presents a different side of USTCers.


    USTCers Receiving Awards and Certificates/Images by School of Physics, USTC Maker Center, and the Library.


    Exchange and Volunteering

    In the summer break, USTC students joined plentiful exchange programs and USTC held many summer camps. Directed by alumnus LIU Xuefeng (Niigata University), 7 students from School of Mathematical Sciences went to Japan attending Sakura technology program. The program is composed of various activities: academic discussion, factory visit, Japanese culture appreciation and so on. They listened to many presentations at Niigata University, knowing the frontier of academy. Also, they gave excellent presentations over their interests like "Permutation Codes Correcting a Single Burst Deletion I: Unstable Deletions” by ZHANG Guangxu. From 28 July to 31 July, LIU discussed deeply with students about finite element method and accurate calculation. With LIU's sharing, students practiced a lot on Cloud Education system based on Python. On 4 August, they visited YKK factory to know how research results were combined with manufactory.


    Students from School of Mathematical Sciences with LIU Xuefeng (Image by School of Mathematical Sciences)

    Many student went out of the campus to practice, as stated above. Some stayed in campus to accommodate guests visiting USTC in summer. For example, about 1800 students joined 2017 Excellent University Students Summer Camp, which selected the junior students from all over China who crave science and have abilities to research. Principal BAO Xinhe gave a presentation on orientation expressing his gratitude to the teachers and students volunteers. Student volunteers assisted in the following activities: visiting labs, having face-to-face conversations with scientists, exploring iFlytek, a Chinese information technology company and so forth.


    Principal BAO Delivering Speech/Image by School of Graduates


    (LYU Jinghao, HU Dongyin, USTC English News Center)


This article came from News Center of USTC.