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PAS Holds Orientation for New International Students of 2017

  • [2017-10-09]

    On Sept 27th,the orientation for new international students of the School of Public Affairs (PAS) was held. SONG Wei, Dean of PAS, ZHOU Chaosheng, Dean Assistant, some other teachers and students of PAS, and all new international students attended the orientation, which was hosted by LIU Yinghua, Director of the PAS International Affairs Office.

    At first, Dean SONG Wei greeted all the new international students on behalf of the School of Public Affairs. He traced the history of USTC and its reform and development, as well as the achievements in Quantum and AI. He said every student here was at the top level of their home countries, it's their great opportunity to study in USTC. PAS will provide first-class resources in order to help students devote themselves into academic research, but also learn Chinese language and culture. Thus, international students can contribute to 'One Belt One Road'initiative by cultural exchange and technological communication.

    Postdoctoral candidate ZHAO Shuliang addressed the audience as international students' academic research assistant. He welcomed all the students and hoped them to focus on study. He emphazised the importance of academic communication with peers and professors, to broaden global visions and aquire more advanced information.

    RUAN Xuesong, leader of PAS graduate students' union, international cooperation department, spoke as the Chinese student representative. He mentioned three necessities: to take classes, to do research, to write thesis. USTC has free physical exercising facilities, which can be used to enhance physical health. There are varieties of students unions such as The Belt and Road International Tea Friendship Association, which is open to every student.

    Olayemi Hafeez Rufai, a senior international student from Nigeria, talked as a student representative. He emphasized that it was his honor to be a part of USTC and to study in China. USTC and PAS have plenty resources for students, which makes students' lives easier. He encouraged new students to learn Chinese language and not be afraid to practice it actively. 'One Belt One Road' initiative brought opportunities for countries along its route, and also enabled international students to come to China. He wished that all the students would cherish their precious time in USTC.

    Director LIU Yinghua gave an overview of PAS, including the education system, progress of international cooperation and high-end training, student activities, and school regulations. She especially asked students to follow the laws and regulations. Director SONG Xiaoyan introduced the criteria for graduation and the class system in PAS. Teacher FANG Yuan instructed students how to access the USTC homepage and select courses, and gave some useful tips on transportation between different campuses and school bus arrangements, which help students to adapt themselves to the new environment. XIONG Liyong, director of Center for Innovation and Regional Development, introduced the center's situation and welcomed students to join it. 

    During Q&A section, all the new international students introduced themselves briefly then raised questions about courses, credits, graduation criteria, etc. All the teachers answered them patiently. By then, the orientation came to a successful conclusion.

    Under the rapid development of USTC's internationalization strategy and 'One Belt One Road' initiative, the number of enrolled international students in PAS has increased every year and the department now ranks 1st among all schools of USTC, which has a positive influence. The policies in PAS recruitment, education and graduation have been improved. Students come from various places, primarily from 'One Belt One Road' route countries. PAS allocated students into different classes and set up class coordinators seperately. International Students have great influence on academic research and global outreach within USTC.

    (The School of Public Affairs, USTC)


This article came from News Center of USTC.