The Republic of Suriname Ambassador of China Visits USTC

  • [2017-11-21]
    During  November 19 to 20, 2017, Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas, the ambassador of the Republic of Suriname, visited the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).

    On the morning of November 20, BAO Xinhe, the president of USTC, met with Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas in the office and the two sides held a cordial talk. President BAO said the Republic of Suriname can be the cooperation and development base of USTC in South America and surrounding areas, he hoped Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas can promote China after returning Suriname and welcomed more students from Suriname to study in USTC. Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas also wanted to maintain a good relationship and conducted more cooperation with USTC, furthermore, he hoped to enhance the friendship and build a more extensive cooperation between Suriname and China in the future by taking this bond. 

    Later in the symposium, HOU Zhonghuai, Director of the International Affairs Office of USTC, introduced the history and the latest development of USTC. He said USTC wanted to recruit high-class students from Suriname to learn basic science and advanced technology in USTC for providing a basis for scientific research cooperation between the two countries. Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas highly praised the achievements made by USTC these years. He said the experience of China's rapid development was well worth learning for Suriname, especially the experience of education development. He said the national education level is still low in Suriname, it is of great significance to the post-colonial region set free the thought by knowledge.

    Vice dean of the school of public affairs (PAS) CHU Jianxun summarizes the cooperation intention of Suriname and PAS from three aspects—resources introduction, demand analysis, and proposals for cooperation, which showed the feasibility and future prospect of cooperation, both side also discussed the possibility to create the science and technology communication policy research center. Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas said the partnership can not only further expand the influence of USTC in South America area through the advantages of discourse power of Suriname in the Caribbean region, but also can let Suriname officials further study the relevant government policies and so on through the think tank and chain resources of USTC, which can help them to better devote themselves to the development of domestic social and public services in Suriname.


    After the symposium,Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas accepted the Honorary Appointment letter from the school of public affairs of USTC.


    On the afternoon of November 20, Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas delivered a speech about the cultural exchange of Suriname to the international students from the School of Public Affairs of USTC.


    Besides,on the evening of November 19, Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas carried on the warm interaction with the students from the Liberal Arts Talent Class of USTC and teached the students the norms and manners in international communication.


    Brief Introduction of the Republic of Suriname and Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas:

    The Republic of Suriname, located in the north of South America, is a member of Union of South American Nations. On May 28, 1976, China established diplomatic relations with Suriname. Until to now, the two countries have maintained sound cooperation in international affairs.

    Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas, who won the Chinese Government Scholarships and entered into the University of Science and Technology of China in 2005 and got a doctorate degree in history of science and technology. Now, he is the Suriname ambassador to China.

    (TANG Lijia, USTC News Center, Image by USTC News Center)



This article came from News Center of USTC.