USTC Gifted Young Alumni Publishes Two Papers at Nature

  • [2018-03-12]

    On March 5th, 2018, two papers of Pablo Jarillo-Herrero and CAO Yuan are published at Nature. Specially commented by Eugene J. Mele of University of Pennsylvania, the two papers present the great discovery from MIT group in graphene superconductivity.
    In magic-angle bilayer graphene, CAO’s team discovered novel electronic states that enable insulator transits to superconductor. The research will enlighten the study of unconventional superconductors and serve as a platform for the study and engineering of electronic properties.

    CAO Yuan, born in 1996, was enrolled in the School of the Gifted Young in 2010. He got GUO Moruo Scholarship, the top scholarship at USTC, in 2014. Now, he pursues his PhD at MIT. In 2016, his paper was published at Physical Review Letters with title “Superlattice-induced insulating states and valley-protected orbits in twisted bilayer graphene”.
    (Written by XU Yue, edit by YANG Xinqi, School of the Gifted Young, USTC)


This article came from News Center of USTC.