WANG Guoyan Is Elected as a Member of PCST Scientific Committee

  • [2018-04-11]
    On April 5th, WANG Guoyan was announced as a member of PCST Scientific Committee during the 2018 biennial conference in New Zealand. PCST, the network for Public Communication of Science and Technology, is known as the most influential international organization in the field of Sci-Tech communication. WANG is the first PCST scientific committee member from Chinese universities .

    Dr. WANG Guoyan is giving a presentation on PCST conference./Coutesy by Dr. WANG


    PCST was established in 1991 in Australia, which has an important impact on promoting Sci- Tech communication all over the world. Its members come from a wide range of fields, such as science communication researchers, scientists for public dialogue, media disseminators, science educators, science center and museum curators, journalists and editors, visual and performing artists of scientific topics. The scientific committee of PCST has a total of 28 members, and half of them are reelected every two years. After nomination, the candidates are elected by PCST's global financial members, of which 4 in Europe, 4 in America and Africa, 4 in Asia and Oceania, and 2 young members from any country but under the age of thirty-five.



    The 15th bi-annual conference of PCST./Coutesy by Dr.WANG


    Dr. WANG is currently working in Science Communication Department in University of Science and Technology of China. WANG has been a visiting professor in University of Cambridge, University of Manchester and Seoul National University as well. WANG's research and practice are closely focused on communication and visualization of cutting-edge science. She has published quite some articles on top international journals in the field of science communication. Meanwhile, she has helped lots of scientists designing top journal covers, such as Nature, Science and Cell. In 2017, she gave a TV speech on China Center Television‘the Reunion of Science and Art’. She is also the vice president of China Public Communication of Science and Technology Society and the Committee member of China Scientific News Society.

    Science communication is a young field in China. In 2014, Cheng Donghong, the vice chairman of the Chinese Science and Technology Association, was the first Chinese representative for the PCST Scientific Committee. So far, China has a total of 3 members and 2 young members who have entered the PCST committee.

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