USTC Won the Grand Prize at the 4th National College Cloud Computing Contest

  • [2018-05-08]

    On April 26, the 4th National College Cloud Computing Contest was held in Industrial Technology Research and Development Park, Nanjing Jiangbei New Area by Ministry of Education and ACM China Council. 1,530 teams containing over 4,000 students from 394 colleges and universities all over the country have participated the contest. 

    The team LINKE-SENSE from our school consisting of YUAN Mu(School of Computer Science and Technology), XIE Yaochen(School of the Gifted Young) and MIN Jiaying (School of the Gifted Young), advised by Professor ZHANG Lan, has won the Grand Prize, the only top prize out of 1,530 teams, in the final contest. 

    This team comes from Lab for Intelligent Networking and Knowledge Engineering (LINKE). Their project aims at multi-person complex behavior understanding and retrieval based on videos from multi-sources, which solves the inefficiency and low utilization in the existing monitoring systems. Based on techniques in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, the team implements a real-time smart monitoring system that are able to detect and recognize complex behaviors and events of multi-person from multi-view sources, achieve a high recognition accuracy with a low computing cost and interact with users in natural language. The judges have highly praised the system, considering a tremendous value of application.



    (ZHANG Lan, Edited by LYU Jinghao, USTC News Center)


This article came from News Center of USTC.