Computer Science and Speech and Language Information Processing Exhibit Feast on High-End AI

  • [2018-05-20]

    Activities in Computer Science Department/ National Engineering Laboratory for Speech and Language Information Processing Lab focuses on exhibition of cutting-edge technology and its practical applications in the society.


    One of the most popular event is the Machine Poetry Writing Show, featuring generating poetry on human-assigned topics automatically. It adopts latest deep learning text generation models that significantly improves the emotion of expression and the artistry of language through context inference. The machine-generated poetry has reached an impressive level of quality, almost indistinguishable from poetry human in blind tests even to language experts.


    Machine poetry writing. Photo by ZHAO Shuxin



    Another product aims at real-time speech translation for the aphasic. It’s a smart bracelet that transfers movement data collected from the sensors to mobile phone. Phone application then uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically convert sign language gestures into speech by combining advances in text/speech translation and gesture recognition. People who suffer from speech-impairment can have conversations with others conveniently with the help of the bracelet. It won the outstanding prize in the Lenovo China Campus AI Elites Competition for its future applicational value on portable smart devices.



    Iflytek and the Big Data Analysis and Application Lab of Anhui Province have jointly devised a personalized learning system for elementary and middle school students. The system integrates functional modules such as cognitive capacity assessment and course materials recommendations. It adopts text analysis method to extract key points from the textbooks to help with comprehension of knowledge, and automatically recommends exercises through analysis of student’s learning behavior.


    National Engineering Laboratory for Speech and Language Information Processing Lab (NEL-SLIP) together with the Iflytek corporation also present various intelligent speech products to the public. The Xiaoman robot series, for example, offer bank self-service of different operations and transactions with a friendly human-like appearance. It receives speech orders from the customers, transmits the information to online speech processors and bank systems, then gives feedbacks to the customers. 



    Exhibitions also include the children’s care robot AlphaEgg, and assembled LEGO toy robots by primary school students, who are now getting chances to learn about programming at an early age due to cooperations between technology companies and local schools. Artificial intelligence is playing a more and more important role in daily life and researchers are striving to push the limits of machine.


    Little robots made by primary school students. Photo by ZHAO Shuxin


    Written by ZHAO Shuxin

    Edited by GUO Jianjian


This article came from News Center of USTC.