Exhibition of Automation Technology Is Well Received in Science Week

  • [2018-05-20]

    On May 19th, an eye-catching exhibition of automation technology presented by the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) is crowded with curious visitors during the Science and Technology Week of USTC. The exhibition is held on the second floor of the First Building of Electrics, featuring humanoid intelligent robots and wearable exoskeleton robots from two laboratories.


    Aiming at sparking interest of the public, the humanoid intelligent robots are set to perform interactively. They dance rhythmically to popular songs and tell the renowned story of Journey to the West with fun gestures and sound effects. Earning rounds of rapturous applause, the lively performances prove to be utterly attractive to visitors, especially young kids.



    Robot performances attract kids and parents . Photo by LIANG Jing, MA Xiaohan.


    While humanoid intelligent robots focuses more on entertainment, wearable exoskeleton robots debut its practical functions in Science Week of USTC.


    "Robotic exoskeleton imitates insects' exoskeleton. Due to load bearing, robotic exoskeleton of lower limbs is technically more complicated than that of higher limbs." introduced by the narrator. Then the operator puts on the robotic exoskeleton and shows how it aids body movements. Designed, machined and operated by the laboratory independently, the robots are already useful tools for body functional rehabilitation in hospitals.


    The exhibition is demonstrated by research teams of the two laboratories. As a hot spot of the 2018 Science Week of USTC, the fantastic shows of robots feast visitors of all ages on up-to-date achievements of automation science and technology.



    Written by YANG Ziyi

    Edited by GUO Jianjian



This article came from News Center of USTC.