School of Earth and Space Provides Lectures and Lab Visiting

  • [2018-05-20]

    School of Earth and Space also prepared several activities for coming visitors, including science lectures and laboratory visit.

    One of the lectures explained the development status of atmospheric science and how it affects human activities. Visitors can obtain the knowledge of climate trend and meteorological observation methods and procedures from this lecture.

    Lecture delivered to audience by the teacher. Photo by LIANG Jing, MA Xiaohan.

    There was also a lecture discussed about the internal structure of the earth and the basics of earthquake, as well as how to deal with the earthquake when it happens. Students, as well as their parents got quite interested in this topic since it is close to our life. After the lecture, students also participated in the pop quiz and got the souvenir.

    Laboratories are always mysterious for people outside the campus, so School of Earth and Space opens three laboratories for visitors.

    One of them is Lidar laboratory, which can detect atmospheric wind precisely. The volunteer explained its principle in an intuitively clear way so that students understand it without much effort.

    Volunteer presenting the principles behind. Photo By LIANG Jing, MA Xiaohan.

    Even several grandmas came to the campus, showing their interests in frontier technology.

    “Researchers should not only focus on their own research, but also participate in sharing the knowledge with common people. This year, we also add some new elements like display boards, projections and bookmarks to enrich the experience,” said LEI Jiuhou, the main organizer of science festival of School of Earth and Space.

    (Written By MAIERBAHA, edited by HU Dongyin, USTC News Center)


This article came from News Center of USTC.