Inspiring Seminars and Experiments Shows Beauty of Chemistry

  • [2018-05-20]
    The science festival provides opportunities for the general public to explore the fun and beauty of chemistry. Thanks to the endeavor made by School of Chemistry and Materials Science, over 7000 visitors have enjoyed the events of experiment demonstrations, science seminars, lab visits and video shows over the weekend.

    In a science seminar, a young audience was amazed by Professor David G. Evans’ introduction on chemistry. "I think chemistry is so cool and I want to be a chemist", says Tongtong, the 12-year girl from Hefei.

    "I LOVE U USTC", there she writes. Photo by LIANG Jing, MA Xiaohan.

    Hands-on chemistry experiments are always popular among visitors. Gradient color and unexpected experimental results have attracted everyone’s focus.

    A boy drawing chemical liquid with a dropper. Photo by LIANG Jing, MA Xiaohan.

    What is more, by collecting stamps after participating those experiments, visitors are able to exchange souvenirs prepared by USTC.

    The science festivals held by USTC showcase the responsibilities for the world-class research institutions to not only advance the frontier research projects, but also bridge science with the non-scientific community.

    (Written by XU Yunfei, edited by HU Dongyin, USTC News Center)


This article came from News Center of USTC.