• USTC Alumni YANG and DUAN Receive Presidential Early Career Awards [2011-09-29] The White House announced on Sep.26 that alumni of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) YANG Lan and DUAN Xianfeng have been named recipients of Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers. President Obama will award the winners... READ DETAILS
  • 2011 Welcome Party [2011-09-27] At the night of Sept. 23, Welcome Party 2011 opened in the Hall, offering to all audiences a fantastic visual feast.
    Various shows from students and teachers highlighted the evening. They sang songs, danced, played saxophone and electronic pipe organ and so on.
  • [Material Views]Peidong Yang Named Recipient of 2011 MRS Medal Award [2011-09-23] The Materials Research Society (MRS) has selectedPeidong Yang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to receive the 2011 MRS Medal. This prestigious honor recognizes a specific outstanding recent discovery or advancement that is expected to have a major impact o... READ DETAILS
  • ZHANG Jie Joins MIT Visiting Committee [2011-09-21] In Sep 2011, Prof. ZHANG Jie accepted the appointment as an alumni nominee on MIT Visiting Committee to help the development of institute program in Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences. The invitation came from Mr. R. Gregory Turner, President of MIT Alumni ... READ DETAILS
  • USTC Wins Eight Awards in the 2nd China Xi'an International Folk Imaging Competition [2011-09-20] The unique Campus Culture Theme Section of the 2nd China Xi'an International Folk Imaging Competition held its Awarding Ceremony on Sep 10th. Thousands of original images created by domestic university students gathered together to offer a special visual feast to... READ DETAILS
  • Special Exhibition of Tsien Hsue-shen and USTC Opens [2011-09-17] 2011 is the centenary of QIAN Xuesen (Tsien Hsue-shen)’s birth. QIAN is known as China's "father of space technology" and "king of rocket", and received an achievement medal for the "Two Bombs, One Satellite" project. Also QIAN is one of the USTC founder and the... READ DETAILS
  • 3D Porous V2O5 Cathode for High-Performance Lithum-ion Batteries [2011-09-07] If the batteries had the ability to charge rapidly (in minutes), instead of taking hours to charge the vehicle you could potentially have vehicles that would charge in similar times as needed to refuel a car with gasoline. So for high energy and power densities a... READ DETAILS
  • Researchers from HFNL discover Siva1 as a novel key player in the regulation of tumor metastasis [2011-08-26] The renowned international multidisciplinary journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) online published a research paper entitled “Siva1 suppresses epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastasis of tumor cells by inhibiting stathmin and st... READ DETAILS
  • SUN Liguang's Group at USTC Makes Important Progress in Research on Tropical Climate Change [2011-08-18] A group of scientists led by Prof. SUN Liguang, from the Institute of Polar Environment, School of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) reconstructed variations of the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) over the past two mi... READ DETAILS
  • Alumna PING Yuan Wins Katherine E. Weimer Prize [2011-08-17] PING Yuan, an alumna of Modern Physics department of USTC, won the 2011 Katherine E. Weimer Prize of American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics (APS-DPP) for her pioneering experiments to explore the interaction of high-intensity laser light with matter... READ DETAILS
  • USTC Hosts ICIG 2011 [2011-08-16] From August 12 to 15, 2011, the Sixth International Conference on Image and Graphics (ICIG 2011), which was organized by China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG) and hosted by USTC, was held in Daoxianglou Hotel, Hefei. 
    Mr. XU Guanhua, Academician of the Chin...
  • SKLFS to host 9th Asia-Oceania Symposium for Fire Science and Technology [2011-08-11] The 8th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology (AOSFST) was held at Rydges in Swanston Melbourne on 7-9 December 2010. During this symposium, the membership meeting of Asia-Oceania Association for Fire Science and Technology (AOAFST) was held on De... READ DETAILS
  • USTC iFLYTEK Speech Joint Lab Ranked First in International Competition [2011-08-02] On the just-concluded "Blizzard Challenge 2011" International English Speech synthesis Competition, the entry of USTC iFLYTEK Speech Joint Laboratory was ranked the first place on overall performance. The The outstanding ranking, which is the 6th time since 2006,... READ DETAILS
  • Graduate Commencement 2011 Held [2011-07-04] USTC' s graduate commencement ceremony was held on July 3, at which diplomas were awarded to more than 1,600 students.
    Songs Let Us Sway Twin Oars and Love of the Republic opened the Ceremony.
    Vice President DOU Xiankang read the University' s statement on the gr...
  • Undergraduate Commencement 2011 Held [2011-07-03] USTC' s undergraduate commencement ceremony was held on July 2, at which diplomas were awarded to more than 1,862 students.
    Songs Let Us Sway Twin Oars and Love of the Republic opened the Ceremony.
    Deputy Party Secretary Lu Ming announced the University's decisio...
  • Tohoku University Visits [2011-07-02] Delegation from Tohoku University, led by Executive Vice President Prof. Memoto Yoshiaki, including lab chief of Ubiquitous Communication Systems, Prof. Kato Nei, paid a visit to USTC in June 22 - 24. The two sides had reached a preliminary cooperation intention ... READ DETAILS

These articles came from News Center of USTC.