Student Service Center

  • [2015-01-15]

    After a period of intensive preparations, the Student Service Center has begun its trial operation. On the afternoon of March 27, USTC Vice President Dou Xiankang presided over the unveiling ceremony for the center where USTC Party Secretary Xu Wu and President Hou Jianguo jointly unveiled the center's signboard and officially declared its opening. More than 100 faculty and students were present at the ceremony, including Chen Xiaojian, assistant to the president, heads of various administration departments to work at the center, and student representatives.

    In his speech, President Hou expressed his congratulations on the opening of the Student Service Center and his warm gratitude to those who had worked hard to set up the center. He pointed out that a first-class university not only needs first-class teaching and research, but also first-class administration. The Student Service Center, based on the concept of full-scaled service and efficient management, will provide a one-stop service for the students in handling various administrative matters. He indicated that students' suggestions would be highly welcome in order to continuously improve the center's work.

    After the ceremony, Xu Wu, Hou Jianguo, Dou Xiankang and Chen Xiaojian made a tour at the center and briefly exchanged views with its staff on its operation.

    The Student Service Center occupies the first three floors of the new building north of the University Auditorium. It groups together relevant functions of the University's administration such as the university administration office, graduate school, degree office, organization department, teaching affairs office, department of student work, admissions and employment department, finance department, and security department. Such a scheme facilitates effective service for the students.

    In order to provide full, fast and fine service for the students, the Student Service Center operates with a series of scientific procedures, to name a few, "the A-B position system", "full agency system", "complete responsibility by whoever receives a student request first" and "time limit for completing a service". Also available now is the center's website for inquiry and consultation at

    Once it has accumulated enough experience with the Student Service Center, the University will start the preparations towards the end of this term for the establishment of the Administrative Service Center.



Highlight of USTC

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This article came from News Center of USTC.