Chen Xianhui's Group at USTC Makes Important Progress in Research on Iron-Based Superconductors


        Professor Chen Xianhui and his colleagues at the Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale and the Department of Physics, USTC, have achieved important progress in their research on iron-based superconductors. "Nature" published their findings in the iron isotope effect in SmFeAsO1 - xFx and Ba1 - xKxFe2As2 in its May 7 issue (Volume 459, 64 (2009)). This study was conducted in collaboration with Professor Wu Ziyu's group at the University's National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory.

        Since their discovery of the SmFeAs (O, F) system in 2008, Chen Xianhui's Group has made a series of important progress in their studies on high-temperature iron-based superconductors. Up to now, three of their papers have been published in "Nature", one in "Nature Materials", nine in "Physical Review Letters", and one in "Journal of the American Chemical Society". Their paper carried in "Nature" last year (Volume 453, 761 (2008)) was one of the five most cited papers of the year.



Highlight of USTC

On May 11, the Nature Publishing Group released Nature Publishing Index 2010 China, remarking “a dramatic rise in the quality of research being published by China”. University of Science and Technology of China is ranked 3rd of TOP 10 Institutions in Index 2010 China.


This article came from News Center of USTC.