Voice of Youth Talks about the Sharing Bicycle

  • [2018-11-30]

    The symposium of Voice of Youth about Sharing Bicycle  in USTC was held in the 202 meeting room at the Great Hall on Nov. 14. 

    The symposium of Voice of Youth about Sharing Bicycle in USTC. (Image by USTC)

    To emphasize the importance of communication, ZHANG Xianfeng, deputy director of the security and campus management office, brought in his personal studying and working experiences regarding exchanges of views. Selected highlights of officer-student communication and collaboration were also reviewed.

    At 2015, ofo company reached out to school relevant departments, with promises to carry out bicycles management and provide student preferential policies in USTC campus. This is how bicycle sharing started in USTC.” XU Yaolong, assistant to the director of the security and campus management office, introduced the background and current situation of bicycle sharing in USTC.

    For the convenience of teachers and students, the security and campus management office decided to introduce a certain amount of bicycles into campus. Recently, as the shared bicycle market changes, Green Orange bicycle, another brand of sharing bicycle, was brought in with a similar number of ofo bicycle.

    Attendees of the symposium. (Image by USTC)

    In the symposium, XU Yaolong answered several questions collected by the student union and graduate student association. These questions concerned issues ranging from parking and operation of sharing bicycles, vehicle fault feedback, deposit issues, etc. Meanwhile, attendees also raised problems they encountered in daily use of sharing bicycles and proposed their own suggestions. 

    The deputy secretary of USTC league committee ZHAO Lin held the symposium, administrators of security and campus management office, members of student union and graduate student association, and warm-hearted students attended the symposium.

    The Voice of Youth talks have been held for 22 sessions and have received positive feedback from teachers and students, bringing about better development of the USTC campus.

    (Written by SHI Xiao, edited by WU Qiran, USTC News Center)



Highlight of USTC

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