Recommended Practices for Measuring Oxygen Electrocatalysts

  • [2019-06-18]


    Prof. Zhichuan J. Xu
    School of Materials Science and Engineering, Solar Fuels Laboratory, Nanyang Technological University


    2019-06-21  10:00


    Environment and Resources Building 939



    Exploring new oxygen electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions (ORR and OER) has been one of hottest topics in recent years. This tutorial presentation will introduce recommended practices for measuring the oxygen electrocatalysts. The objective of this presentation is to help new students and learners to master the basic knowledge and lab skills for reliable electrochemical measurements. Some simple demonstration will be given along with the introduction. The skills to be introduced includes 1) electrode preparation, 2) electrochemical cell set-up preparation, 3) potential conversion principles, 4) measurement practices for ORR and OER, 5) data analysis, 6) mass-transport correction, 7) iR-drop correction, 8) capacitance correction, 9) data storage and documentation, and 10) some details need attention during the measurement.



      Zhichuan is an associate professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University. He received his PhD degree in Electroanalytical Chemistry at 2008 and B.S. degree in Chemistry at 2002 from Lanzhou University, China. His PhD training was received in Lanzhou University (2002-2004), Institute of Physics, CAS (2004-2005), and Brown University (2005-2007). Since 2007, he worked in State University of New York at Binghamton as a Research Associate and from 2009 he worked in Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Postdoctoral Researcher. Dr. Xu is member of International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE), The Electrochemistry Society (ECS), and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He was awarded Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) in Nov. 2017. He served as a guest editor for the special issue ICEI2016 of Electrochimica Acta and an associate editor for Nano-Micro Letters. He is also the development editor for Current Opinion in Electrochemistry and the vice president of ECS Singapore Section. Dr. Xu is 2018 Highly Cited Researcher by Clarivate Analytics, Web of Science.


    Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale



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