KDFX Hit a History Record in the 16th National Unicycle Championship

  • [2019-08-23]

    The 16th National Unicycle Championships Liyang Station and Changfeng Station were held in Liyang from August 5th to 6th and Changfeng from August 9th to 11th. Nearly 300 players from more than 20 teams from Beijing, Liaoning, Nanjing, Anhui, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Shanxi, Xinjiang and Shandong participated in the events.

    A total of 29 members from thePrimary School affiliated to University of Science and Technology of China (KDFX) won 76 gold medals, 73 silver medals and 66 bronze medals in the two stations. They also won the first place in the group total score in Liyang station and the second place in the group total score (the first place in second-class team) in Changfeng station. The score in Changfeng Station was only second to the first-class team, Beijing Huairou Education Committee, and the total score of the group was far higher than the second place of the first-class team by nearly 500 points, obtaining a new record.

    Part of the award certificate, medals and trophies at Changfeng Station

    It is worth mentioning that not only the spirit of the costumes and the players, but also the movement arrangement, difficulty and background music in the skill competition gave people a fresh and refreshing feeling in the skills competition. With almost zero mistakes, they won the team skills champion in the group under the age of 9, over the age of 10, the women's double skill champion, the women's single skill crown of 10 years old and above, the runner-up, the men's double chain car skill champion, and the 9-year-old group double skill champion and personal skill champion and runner-up.

    In the summer of 2019, the team members gave up the plan to travel and put into intense training, fighting the heat. No one gave up and slacked. The championship of group skills and the unicycle basketball game showed the sense of teamwork and mutual trust of team members. The players sweated, sunburned their faces and rubbed their skin, but they gained more happiness, health and friendship. They produced a high sense of collective honor and strong sense of responsibility in the game. Whether it was parents or children, everyone was running the same goal and was happy and proud to be from the same team. The selfless hard work of the coach team, active cooperation and enthusiastic service of the parents ensured the smooth, orderly and safe competitions. The person in charge of the organizing committee of the competition praised the high quality of the team from the KDFX. The entire schedule fully reflected the sportsmanship of friendship first and competition second.

    These events were jointly organized by the State Sports General Administration China Cycling Association Unicycle Committee and the Jiangsu Liyang Municipal People's Government and the Anhui Changfeng County People's Government.

    News from the Primary School affiliated to University of Science and Technology of China

    (Written by LI Xiaoxi, edited by LU Hongyu, USTC news center)



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