Discover Chinese Folk Music at Special Concert

  • [2019-12-23]

    On the evening of December 14th, USTC held a special concert named How Much Do You Know about Chinese Folk Music in the East auditorium. CAO Wengong, a music educator from China Conservatory of Music, was the conductor and gave professional explanation for the audience. Many gold medal winners of China Music Golden Bell Award for Music, teachers and students from China Conservatory of Music performed enthusiastically. All seats were occupied during the concert, and the audience were immersed in the charm of Chinese folk music.

    The Art Practice Department of China Conservatory of Music established the project: How Much Do You Know about Chinese Folk Music, aiming to protect the excellent national cultural heritage of China, and to promote the new generation of young people to inherit and develop national art with more cultural consciousness and self-confidence.

    Through the combination of speaking and performing, the concert selected 14 representative Chinese folk music by solo, ensemble or other forms, presenting an original and unique feast for the audience. CAO Wengong interpreted the characteristics and cultural connotation of music works in the way of guiding listening, so that the audience could not only enjoy the music feast, but also understand the knowledge, and deeply felt the charm of Chinese national music culture.

    During the concert, musicians displayed featured folk songs from Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Beijing and other districts. The concert came to a successful end in the continuous applause of the audience.
    This special concert has brought a double shock of vision and hearing to USTC teachers and students, so that we could have a better understanding of the long history and profundity of Chinese folk music, and deeply sense a feeling of national and cultural self-confidence.

    Musicians perform representative Chinese folk music with CAO conducting. (Image by USTC Dean's Office)

    (Written by YANG Xinqi, edited by HU Dongyin, USTC News Center)



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This article came from News Center of USTC.