Engineer Receives Society Prizes for Contributions in Renewable Energy

  • [2020-09-30]

    Professor JI Jie at School of Engineering Science at the University of Science and Technology of China was honored the exclusive top prize Outstanding Contributions Prize by Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES) on September 20th, and his declared project with Professor PEI Gang on solar energy received the First Prize of Science and Technology.

    JI was honored the exclusive top prize Outstanding Contributions Prize by CRES. (Image by CRES)

    Solar photoelectric and photothermal integrated utilization, based on cascade use in full spectrum, is regarded as the pivot to improve utilization rate. The idea is to recycle thermal energy during photovoltaic process for potential applications like heating and cooling buildings passively, photothermal catalysis and sterilization.

    The project, Comprehensive Utilization of Solar Energy in Full Spectrum and its Multi-application in Buildings, established the theory system on cascade use of solar energy in full spectrum and realized related applications.

    In the project, scientists applied photothermal/electric technologies to buildings, which could thus serve as air cleaners. Different kinds of PV/T modules with various properties are engineered as well. The achievements have been widely put into use in industries.

    This forum consisted of nearly 20 chapters and 13 topics, aiming for establishing a communication platform for multi-energy coupling, interdisciplinary research and the combination of industries and academies, as well improving a cutting-edge low-carbon energy system with clean energy.

    Professor JI Jie is a backbone researcher in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Now he serves as the director in Research and Demonstration Center CAS for Solar Thermal Comprehensive Utilization and Anhui Key Lab for Solar Thermal Comprehensive Utilization. His research interests include photoelectric and photothermal integrated utilization, solar energy buildings and thermal pump air conditioners.

    Chinese renewable energy academic conference and Yunnan green energy international forum was held in Kunming, Yunnan province between 20th and 22nd in September 2020, during which the 2020 Science and Technology Awards of CRES were presented.

    CRES has so far been deemed as the most influential academic group in Chinese renewable energy field. It has set up 13 professional committees in various fields.

    The project is led University of Science and Technology of China and jointly contributed by Ying Li Ltd, Guangdong Five Star Solar Energy Co, Ltd., Long Yan Energy Science and Technology Ltd as well as Hefei University of Technology.

    The project on solar energy received the First Prize of Science and Technology. (Image by CRES)

    (Written by WANG Jinhua, edited by HU Dongyin, English News Center)



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