• USTC Ranks Top 10 in 2020 Nature Index Annual Tables

    On April 30th, the 2020 Nature Index Annual Tables were released, highlighting the ten leading countries in natural-sciences research, leading research institutions and fast-rising academic institutions. University of Science and Technology of China(USTC) ranks top 10 for the first time. Besides, USTC also ranks 2nd in the fast-rising academic institutions list which tracks the increase of high-quality research output.

  • Violent Volcanism Triggers The Late Ordovician Mass Extinction
    [2020-05-22] USTC provides strong sulfur isotope evidence for stratospheric volcanism during the Late Ordovician.
  • Experimental Discovery of Weyl Semiconductors
    [2020-05-20] USTC has revealed representative topological transport signatures of Weyl physics
  • [Xinhua]Chinese experts use quantum satellite to ensure time information security
    [2020-05-18] Experts used China's quantum satellite to verify quantum-secure time transfer for the first time, which laid a foundation for building a safe satellite navigation system.
  • Inheriting and Sharing Good Books Together—USTC Library Held April Online Reading Salon
    [2020-05-15] Warm online meetings because of the love and benefit of books.
  • USTC Makes Important Progress in Pathogenic Mechanisms
    [2020-05-13] Prof. SUN Baolin’s team discovers how Rsp influences the pathogenicity of Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Environmental Protection Starts With Me: a League Activity on World Earth Day
    [2020-05-09] This activity enhanced students’ awareness of protecting the environment and labor loving
  • PAN Jianwei Won the ZEISS Research Award 2020
    [2020-05-08] for his remarkable contributions in the field of optical quantum information, especially in quantum communication and quantum computing
  • Real-Time Visualization of Solid-Phase Ion Migration
    [2020-05-06] These findings provide critical insights into the solid-phase ion migration kinetics occurring in nanoscale systems with generality and offer an efficient tool to explore...
  • USTC Makes Significant Progress in Many-body Simulation Based on Rydberg Atoms
    [2020-05-04] The study of SOC is of great significance to simulate the complex many-body problem in nature.
  • PNAS Published Research Results of “USTC Plan” — Tocilizumab
    [2020-05-02] The research provided a new effective treatment of severe COVID-19 patients
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  • Data fusion and statistical learning in patient care cycle: from diagnosis to ca...

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    The McShane Identity

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    On numerically trivial automorphisms of surfaces and threefolds

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    Hausdorff measure estimate of nodal set in manifold with lower Ricci curvature

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    Synchrotron Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopies at the Canadian Light Soure

    01-08, 14:30, Room210, National Synchrotron Radiation LaboratoryBuliding 3, West Campus

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