• [China Daily]Scientists Lead China’s Quantum Ambitions

    Physicist from the USTC drives mission to make country a world leader in communications technology

    China took a huge step toward building a space-based quantum communication network that would be virtually uncrackable when it launched Micius, the world's first quantum experiment satellite, on Aug 16.

    A rocket carrying the Micius quantum experimental satellite lifts off in Jiuquan, Gansu province, on Aug 16.

Direct imaging of low dimensional structures to Ångström length and Attosec...

08-04 16:00 ROOM 9004, HFNL Building

Wonders of Perovskites: from Oxides to Hybrids

07-25 14:30 ROOM 9004, HFNL Building

Giant Photostriction in MAPbI3 and Ferroelectric Photovoltaic Effect

07-25 15:30 ROOM 9004, HFNL Building

Simple Optimization, Bigger Models, and Faster Learning

07-22,16:00-17:00 Room 1318, School of Mathematical Sciences 

Surface-Step-Induced Oxidation of Cupper Surfaces

07-14 10:00 ROOM 9004, HFNL Building

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