• Gather at USTC, Gather for Micius Forum

    The “Micius Forum” is dedicated to providing a high-level platform for outstanding young scholars who are devoted to academic research and mind for the future of humanity.

    About 2,500 years ago, the ancient sage Micius, who was known for his hardworking spirit and scientific theories, was born in China; today, on April 14th, the Micius Forum, named after the sage, raises its curtain in Hefei, Anhui.

Big quantum effects in small molecules

04-18 10:00 Exhibition Hall, HFNL Building

Application of in-situ and operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy in lithium-...

surprising consequences of the well-known quantum effects

Application of X-ray Crystal Optics to a variety of Science

Combined technology of X-ray crystal optics and synchrotron radiation 

The routes towards controlled synthesis of graphene and carbon nanotubes—fro...

04-16 10:00 ROOM 9004, HFNL Building

Nanoengineered Materials

metallurgical engineering 

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Sincerely invite you, excellent scholars from home and abroad to join us.