• China Builds the First Space-Ground Integrated Quantum Communication Network

    Chinese scientists use Micius for a quantum-safe intercontinental video conference between China and Austria, overcoming the limit of a few hundred kilometers in quantum communication. It is the first space-ground integrated quantum communication network in the world.

    Image by the China Academy of Sciences

Nanoparticles for Delivery

10-25 15:30 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

Transition-Metal Clusters Supported on the CeO2(111) Surface: A Theoretical I...

10-24 14:30 ROOM 9004, HFNL Building

Water Splitting in Photosynthesis Studied by Magnetic Resonance Techniques

10-20 10:00 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

Transition Metal-Catalyzed Generation and Alkylation of 2-Azaallyl Anions

10-10 9:00 Environment and Resources Building 1F

Atomic-scale control of ferroelectricity and transport in ultrathin transitio...

10-10 15:00 ROOM 9004, HFNL Building

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