• USTC Obtained High-level Control of Spin Qubit Lifetime Based on Silicon Quantum Dots
    [2020-06-30] An improvement of spin lifetime by over two orders of magnitude was reported in silicon quantum dots.
  • USTC Discovers Algorithms and Neural Circuit Mechanisms of Escape Responses
    [2020-06-28] USTC discovers the algorithms and circuit mechanisms of nematodes’ escape responses, providing new insights into brain-inspired intelligence.
  • "Spear and Shield" Inspire High Toughness Microstructure
    [2020-06-27] It enables the fabrication of formidable fracture-resistant systems for loads in various orientations.
  • 3D Magnetotelluric Imaging Reveals Magma Recharging Beneath Weishan Volcano
    [2020-06-26] It reveals volcanoes in northeast China might still be active, making better monitoring urgent.
  • Improved Medical Imaging Improves Cancer Staging
    [2020-06-25] It provides a practical approach for fine-needle aspiration biopsy in the SLN tracing and image guidance.
  • Researchers Employ Antennas for Angstrom Displacement Sensing
    [2020-06-24] It shows angstrom displacement measurement possible.
  • USTC Won the 2nd Prize in DeepFake Detection Challenge
    [2020-06-23] The team from the Department of Cyberspace Security won 2nd prize, the best among all domestic groups.
  • USTC Obtained Single-spin Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum with Kilohertz Spectral Resolution
    [2020-06-18] This method is not limited by harsh environmental conditions (such as vacuum or low temperature), which is very competitive in biological applications.
  • Two Quantum Cheshire Cats Exchange Grins
    [2020-06-17] Researchers realized the non-contacing exchange of the polarization of two photons, revealing the unique quantum characteristics of the Quantum Cheshire Cat.
  • USTC Realized Recycling-Structure Parity-Time Symmetric Quantum Simulator
    [2020-06-15] This work provide an effective experimental platform for the future research of PT symmetric and other non-Hermitian quantum physics.
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    01-10, 16:00-17:00, Room 1418,Management Research Building, East Campus

    The McShane Identity

    01-09, 15:10-16:10, Room 1418,Management Research Building, East Campus

    On numerically trivial automorphisms of surfaces and threefolds

    01-09,14:30-15:30, Room 5206, The 5th Teaching Building, East Campus

    Hausdorff measure estimate of nodal set in manifold with lower Ricci curvature

    01-09, 14:00-15:00, Room 1418,Management Research Building, East Campus

    Synchrotron Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopies at the Canadian Light Soure

    01-08, 14:30, Room210, National Synchrotron Radiation LaboratoryBuliding 3, West Campus

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